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Get on a Bike and Pedal

Posted on July 07, 2011 by Dave W

You might not be the next Lance Armstrong, but you can still get a good workout and have fun on a road bike. Road bikes can range in prices from affordable to the price of a small sports car, but you really do get what you pay for in the bike. If you are looking to get started with road biking, it would be smart to purchase a good mid to low level bike. Something that isn’t too heavy, but that you could learn the techniques you need to succeed at the sport.
Road biking is a great workout and will help those who are looking for a way to lose weight. The best thing about road biking over a cycling class, which would be the gym equivalent of the workout, is that you aren’t staring at the back of the person in front of you. You are out in the world. You can customize the trail that you are going to take, all that you require is for the road to be paved and you can ride on it. Plus, actual biking is much more of a total body workout than a spinning cycle at the gym. When you are on top of a bike you are able to use your entire body to flex the frame and get even more speed from the bike.
The workout of road biking is very addictive, and there are many people that quickly will become hard core fans of biking and of the sport. Many people enjoy the sport enough to ride their bikes to work each morning. The majority of cities are trying to help street bicycles to get around their cities, and have installed bike lanes to help them. This craze of riding bikes to work helps to get people out of traffic, and helps people to do something about reducing their carbon footprint. There are countless online guides that will provide numerous different trails that you can take in your everyday adventure.
In addition to the workout that you are getting while you are riding it is important that you stay hydrated while you ride. While you are working out you are losing large amounts of liquids that will reduce the effectiveness of your workout. Be sure to get enough water to keep your body working at full speed while you are attacking the road. It is also good for you to add protein to your diet. Within thirty minutes after finishing your workout if you will add a high amount of protein into your diet it will promote lean muscle growth. Lean muscle will help you to be more proficient at street biking, and also to lose more weight. This is due to the fact that it takes large amounts of calories to create, and to maintain lean muscle. The more lean muscle that you have the more calories your body will burn while idle to maintain the muscle. The best way to add a high level of protein into your diet after a workout is by taking a whey protein supplement. Whey protein supplement are an excellent source of protein. Whey protein is easy to digest, and whey protein isolate mixtures contain over 90% pure protein. Plus, whey protein doesn’t have the same level of fats and carbohydrates that other protein supplements contain.
If you are looking for a hobby that will challenge you, and will help you to get into better shape look no further than street biking. Don’t forget to get the most you can out of your workout and add the proper amounts of water and protein into your diet.

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is this a good workout plan?

i am 144lbs.i want to get down to 130.
i am going to the gym 3 times a week for an hour.
in this hour i jog for 3 miles.row for 2000m in ten mins.cycle for 10mins and cross train for 10mins.

i eat around 2000cals a day.

what can i do to improve weight long will i have to keep to this workout plan?

Sounds good but remember.. u are burning calories n u need to take more in for u body to fully function.

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