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Build Your Own Outdoor Bicycle Storage Shed Save A Bunch

Posted on November 29, 2011 by Dave W

“Build Your Own Outdoor Bicycle Storage Shed – Save A Bunch!!” is absolutely something you can do with simple blueprints and step-by-step instructions.

Sheds sold at commercial stores are very expensive, are mostly constructed out of some form of plastic and range in price from $185 to over $2,000.

That’s a bit expensive, just for a place to keep you bike safe and out of the elements.

So, let’s try to “shed” some light on the subject, “Build Your Own Outdoor Bicycle Storage Shed – Save A Bunch!!”

Whether you’re a person with many years of woodworking experience or a novice, you’ll discover just how easy it is to build your own bicycle storage shed.

By using wood and easy to follow detailed plans, blueprints and woodworking tips, you’ll soon turn your project into a masterpiece of “do-it-yourself” construction, and do it at a mere fraction of the cost of commercial buildings or hiring a professional.

When you build you’re bicycle shed, you should make it as convenient to use as possible. It doesn’t matter if you ride your bike just to get around your neighborhood, for health and fitness or strictly as a racing enthusiast, having your own storage shed will increase the enjoyment of cycling.

Here are a few factors to take into consideration when building your shed:

? First, be sure there’s plenty of shed space for your bike and anyone else that uses a bike in your household.

? Make sure you measure the length of your bike and the handlebar width of the bikes you plan to store. Alternating how each bike will face, cuts down on the space required for multiple bike storage.

? The location of your shed door is very critical when it comes to getting your bikes in and out of storage.

? Where you place your shed is a principal factor also. A small bicycle storage shed located at the rear of your house that allows easy removal will make your cycling easier. If your shed is located on the back forty, your riding experience becomes less pleasant.

? Another factor to consider is whether or not you plan on doing maintenance on your bike inside the shed. If so, you must allow for the extra space that’s needed. Depending on your particular situation, you might want to set up your maintenance inside your garage, build another shed for this task or you just take your bike to a reputable shop to perform your repairs and maintenance.

? Since the bike is being stored at ground level, be sure and place any shelves at a higher level to store other paraphernalia such as bike helmets, pumps or any other equipment you plan to store inside your shed. It all adds to your convenience.

? Only you know the levels of crime around your neck of the woods. You also know the value of your bicycle. These two factors will determine how secure you should build your storage shed and what type of hinges or locking system you want to install.

? Check with your home owner’s insurance to determine if your policy requires both the bicycle and the shed to be locked, or just the shed. Insurance companies differ in their requirements.

Not only can building your own be cost effective, but it will also be fun! It may even become addictive. You may go on to build one for your neighbors, or construct a bird house for your feathered friends, design some garden furniture, build a beautiful deck around your house or even build a stable…you can have access to over 12,000 different projects.

To learn how you can gain access to the guide book, GO HERE NOW!…

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2 Responses to “Build Your Own Outdoor Bicycle Storage Shed Save A Bunch”

  1. TimDunn

    - 21st Dec, 11 07:12pm

    The yardstash product is a good inexpensive outdoor bike storage idea.

  2. Dave W (author comment)

    - 2nd Jan, 12 11:01am

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the link. It looks great for space saving but not for security. Having said that, nothing is really secure and before you buy any storage product I would check your insurance details.

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